如果你获得了经济资助,资助金额将显示在 My葡京线路检测网址

您可以选择接受或拒绝授予您的任何贷款. 如果你知道 不接受您的贷款,资金将不会记入您的葡京线路检测网址帐户.

你可以选择接受或拒绝勤工俭学. 联邦半工半读的 is a job and you will be paid directly for the actual hours you work; this amount 将不会记入您的葡京线路检测网址帐户.

Any grants or scholarships awarded to you will be pre-accepted; therefore, you won't 看到一个方框接受或拒绝这些奖项.

如果你愿意的话 减少 the amount of your loan or federal work study, you may do that online one time only. 后续更改将需要以书面形式与财政援助服务. 

Accepting loans and work-study is a multi-step process: you must view your awards 和出席费用(COA),阅读 "金融援助 Terms and Conditions"  below and then accept the awards. 登录到 My葡京线路检测网址 and complete the following steps.

  • 合适的应聘者 or 学生 选项卡
  • 财政援助资源 右边的方框
  • 点击 Go To My 葡京线路检测网址 经济援助清单
  • 点击 按援助年度划分的奖项
  • 在下拉菜单中选择合适的学年
  • 一般信息 选项卡,你会看到 经济援助清单
  • 财政援助处理状况
  • 转到步骤5
  • 如果你 are interested in accepting your federal work-study or federal loans,  you 必须点击 接受奖励通知书 接受这些奖项. 如果你不想接受你的联邦勤工俭学 和/或贷款,你应该拒绝他们在同一页.  所有助学金及奖学金 (如果你符合资格,你会在你的 接受奖励通知书 选项卡)自动为您接受.      

Accepting and/or declining your financial aid awards online will make your decision 最后. 如果你 wish to make 变化 after you finish this step online, then you must make 你的书面要求,并送交:

将您的请求(使用您的葡京线路检测网址电子邮件地址)发送至 (电子邮件保护)

西27街227号, Room A212A
纽约,NY 10001-5992



网上也有纽约时报奖信息表. 这是一个标准化的消费者 tool designed to simplify information about college costs and financial aid for comparison 目的.  要查看和/或打印您的纽约获奖信息表,请登录到 My葡京线路检测网址 and complete the following steps.

  • 合适的应聘者 or 学生 选项卡
  • 财政援助资源 右边的方框
  • 点击 Go To My 葡京线路检测网址 经济援助清单
  • 点击 我的奖项资料
  • 点击 纽约奖信息表



  1. 如果你从全日制转到兼职(少于12学分)
  2. 如果你的学分低于兼职(少于6学分)
  3. 如果你已经获得或已经获得奖学金

你会 be notified via your 葡京线路检测网址 email account of any adjustments of your awards. 您可以致电(212)217-3560或电子邮件联系金融服务 (电子邮件保护) 了解更多信息.

金融援助 Terms and Conditions

As a recipient of financial aid, you, the student, are responsible for reading and 遵守这些条款和条件 . 如果不这样做,可能会导致减产 或者失去经济援助. 重要的是,你要阅读每一个基金信息和 additional information by clicking on the available hyperlinks in the MyFiT portal, 了解每个项目对你的经济援助通知的要求. 一些 aid programs have specific eligibility 需求 or may require additional forms and/or procedures to be completed by the student in order for funds to be received. To maintain eligibility for financial aid, it is required that you only take courses 符合你当前学位课程的要求.

接受援助:  所有助学金和奖学金都是预先接受的. 你 must accept or decline other aid (贷款和/或勤工俭学)在“接受奖励录取”选项卡. 你可以调整奖励 如果您希望少借或少工作几个小时,请一次性向下支付金额. 你会 点击“提交”链接后,无法在线进行进一步调整. 如果你 wish to change anything after accepting your aid online, you must 提交 a signed 向金融援助服务中心或电子邮件提出书面请求 (电子邮件保护) 从您的官方葡京线路检测网址电子邮件地址发送. 如果您的初始财务有任何变化 aid by 葡京线路检测网址, you will be notified only via your official 葡京线路检测网址 email address to go to 访问网站并在线查看更改.

必修课程:  To maintain eligibility for financial aid, you must take at least 12 credits of courses that are required for your current degree program in order to be considered full-time. 只有必修课程才会计入你的经济援助资格. 例如, courses on your degree audit that are listed as “Bridge 课程” or “Prerequisite 课程” and that are listed as in excess on your degree audit, including courses that fulfill “Minor” 需求, are NOT considered to be required for your degree 因此没有资格获得经济援助. 另外,如果你是一个新人 York State resident receiving a grant through the 学费援助 Program (TAP), credits in excess of your degree 需求 towards your minor are not eligible 供谘询委员会考虑.

学业进展满意:  所有受援国必须保持2级.平均绩点为0,学业进步令人满意; which means that you are taking and successfully completing classes in your current 学位课程,以便获得学年的任何资金. 退出 课程会影响你当前或未来的经济援助资格. 规定有关 satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients receiving Title IV funds (联邦基金)参见 “令人满意的学业进展”.” 请仔细阅读,并注意所有后果和上诉程序.

学期退出:  All aid recipients who withdraw before the end of a semester will be subject to review for a possible aid recalculation. 学生可能会被要求偿还联邦,州 and/or institutional aid that has been received or applied to their account and will 根据葡京线路检测网址的成绩审查下一学期的资助资格 令人满意的学业进展 (SAP) 的指导方针. 退学的学生必须偿还欠学校的所有款项. 更多信息请参考 “财政援助提款”.

财务总监将资助记入帐单:  All financial aid (grants, scholarships and “accepted” loans) will be temporarily credited to your bill which will include tuition, fees and any 葡京线路检测网址 housing charges. 您有责任在账单到期日之前支付剩余的余额. 无薪 余额可能导致课程取消(取消注册). 所有实际财务 申请到您的帐户的援助超出了您的费用.e. 学费,学费, housing, meal plans) will be refunded to you by the Bursar’s Cashiering Office (Room B-127),从第一周课程结束时开始. 在你接受任何退款之前 检查一下,一定要自己计算一下你的账户是否已经结清. 你 will be held responsible for any outstanding balance due, even if the Bursar’s Office 他们在计算你的退款时出了差错. 请注意联邦勤工俭学(FWS) is paid twice per month for the actual number of hours worked and therefore cannot 用来推迟或支付费用. 退款支票将在资金到位时发出, 但不能早于第一周的课程结束. 学生也可以选择 将退款直接存入他们的支票或储蓄帐户. Be prepared to pay initial expenses at the start of the semester with personal funds. 如果你 have any questions regarding the refund process, please contact the Bursar’s 办公室电话:(212)217-3720.
私人奖学金:  你 must report to 财政援助服务 any private scholarships or other awards that you have been paid or offered. 这可能会减少你的其他财务 根据联邦法规提供援助.

预算:  Financial aid refunds may not be available to you at the start of each semester; please come prepared to pay for books and supplies and rent if you are living off-campus. Financial aid recipients are urged to budget their funds for each semester and avoid 不必要的支出. 超支可能意味着没有可用的资金 用于支付学年期间的剩余费用.

更改您的信用负荷和出勤费用:  Please consult 财政援助服务 before making any 变化 to your credit load 因为这会影响你的经济援助资格. In addition, 变化 in your tuition charges or housing plans can also affect your aid eligibility as your Cost of Attendance 变化.

金融犯罪:  Any student who goes into default on a loan, or who is found to owe a refund or repayment to a federal or state agency, 葡京线路检测网址 or any prior institution, may lose any federal, state, or institutional funds until such obligation is satisfied according to each 机构的规定.

可能发生变化的援助:  Financial aid is subject to change based on 变化 to government and institutional 可获得资金的规定或变化.

Before accepting your financial aid, you should make sure to carefully read each financial aid program’s fund message in the My葡京线路检测网址 portal, which will appear when you click on 每个基金. 这样你就可以找到每个援助项目的具体资格 需求. 这包括你必须注册的具体学分数 在每个学期保持每个特定财政援助基金的资格. It also includes any additional forms and/or procedures that must be completed by you in order for funds to be received.